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Financial Services

As a firm of Independent Financial Advisers, Torphin offers a comprehensive range of financial services, from financial planning to investment services. These are listed below.

Financial Planning Service

  • Ask us for your free meeting to discuss your financial worries, needs and desires for the years ahead.
  • Create a financial plan to work to for the next five years, up to retirement and in retirement.

Pension Planning

  • Retirement planning to make sure that by the time you want to retire you have the financial resources to be able to retire in the comfort your expect.

Investment Planning

  • Partnerships with stock brokers to manage your investments to provide returns above inflation, while monitoring and managing the risk of investing in the stock market.

Tax & Trust Planning

  • Inheritance Tax planning is, of course, legal and recommended. In fact, the Government has no issue with setting up trusts for IHT planning, providing the relevant trusts are arranged more than seven years before death.
  • Transferring your estate to your children should be achievable without paying the 40% Tax on assets above the IHT threshold.

Long Term Care Trusts

  • We work closely with specialist trust providers in the area of Long Term Care asset protection.
  • This has resulted in clients saving many thousands of pounds which would have been spent paying for care home fees.

Wills & Lasting Powers of Attorney (POA) Planning

  • It is vital that wills are in place as early as possible, and lasting Powers of Attorney (POA) arranged in a timely manner.
  • The main reason is to not to place your family under any unnecessary stress in difficult times. These Wills and POA arrangements also ensure your wishes are fully considered.

Regular Reviews

  • We are very keen to have a close relationship with our clients. This means that we can listen to our clients’ financial worries and concerns, and, with careful planning, keep these to a minimum.
  • Most meeting are at our office but we are also happy to see clients in their own homes if more convenient.

Torphin’s Fixed Costs Fees

Unlike many professionals, all our financial services are charged for on a fixed cost basis. That ensures that you know exactly what the service will cost in advance and there will be no surprises. It is the uncertainty of hourly rates which many clients do not like.

We agree the fixed fees for each of our financial services before any work is undertaken and if it takes longer than expected we will cover the extra time required.